Dealing with negative emotions. Dr. Fabrice Nye

In today’s episode, Dr. Carmen interviews Dr. Fabrice Nye, a therapist from Silicon Valley. Dr. Fabrice uses an interesting mix of transpersonal psychology, spirituality and cognitive behavioral therapy. He has his own podcast in iTunes called The Feeling Good Podcast, and says he prefers to use tools rather than schools of therapy and whatever works when working with clients. Please enjoy this interesting and inspiring interview today.

What you will learn in today’s episode:

• Dr. Fabrice’s story going from the IT/engineering world to psychotherapy, and his philosophy of a holistic and spiritual approach to psychotherapy.

• A motivational approach and model of therapy called TEAM, which stands for testing, empathy, agenda setting and methods.

• The difference in the wording: emotions vs feelings.

• Why we tend to shy away from the uncomfortable emotions and seek out the pleasant ones

• The importance of empathy with clients and why there’s no healing until there is enough of a bond between therapist and client.

• The value in spending time breathing (e.g. belly breathing) with a client so they can be in a more calm state and regain a level of self-control

• Dr. Fabrice’s approach in getting as stable as he can and then waiting for others to join him at that level, rather than matching people on the level of anxiety they are at.

• The most common and most damaging mistake people do with their emotions (avoiding them) and advice for somebody in this state.

• The distinction between and different approaches towards the anxiety provoking emotions (like fear, worry, shame, frustration) and the depressive type of emotions, (sadness, the blues, loneliness, abandonment, hopelessness and despair.)

• How to see negative symptoms as a reflection of the fantastic human being you are. • The way culture can create differences in approaches to emotions

• The importance of education about the evolutionary mechanisms that are causing some of our modern emotions.

• The daily habit Dr. Fabrice recommends that contributes to emotional success (mindfulness) and what the STOP technique is

• Dr. Fabrice’s tips for someone starting their healing journey Suggested resources: Dr. Fabrice website and FB

Dr. Fabrice podcast:

Books he talked about:

Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frank

Loving what is: Four questions that can change your life by Byron Katie

The website he recommends:

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