Interracial couples: Wedding and life planning

This episode gives you a great interview with Sandy from Brides and Events agency. She as a wedding planner gives you advices about planning this kind of events. We will review all the skills needed to be a high-level wedding planner. At the same time, she will give you recommendations about things that should be considered to please couples and their families, especially when they are from different cultures and religions.

On the other hand, Sandy shares her experiences as a wedding planner and gives many tips on what is important for couples who are getting married before, during and after the wedding. It also collects tips that serve to give a pleasant experience to the wedding guests, especially when they come from different regions or countries where the wedding will take place. Sandy explains all the details to be considered by the staff and all requests made by these types of couples.

Sandy is an experienced wedding planner from Guadalajara, Mexico with a bachelor degree in administration. In addition, she has a Master degree in Marketing in the Open University in Catalonia, Spain and member of the Wedding Planner Professional of the ABC Association. She has won the golden medal of the best wedding planner in her country three years in a row. Finally, she is certified as wedding planner in Mexico.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to deal with cultural differences between the couple when they are going to get married.
  • Little details about wedding that we should care about.
  • What happens if the couple that gets married are not from the country they are celebrating the event?
  • How to balance different cultures with subjects such as music, food, traditions and religions.
  • The influence of religions on the wedding planning.
  • How to agree about schedules and expectations of the guests.
  • The elements we must consider about the skills the staff needs to be successful.
  • Plans to do with guests before and after the wedding.
  • The art of negotiation in weddings.
  • How to handle with guests about requests and expectations.
  • Security issues with guests.
  • Handling stress with couples and guests as a wedding planner.
  • The most important things that a couple should think of before and after the wedding.

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The Wedding Planner and Organizer by Mindy Weiss (2012)

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