Critical questions about divorce

Marriage is one of the most important parts on the road of life along with its branches. An individual alone is already complicated and it’s natural that two people who accept the bond of marriage can find themselves struggling to make it work; but, like everything that is worthwhile, it’s hard. Things are meant to go up and down and not on a straight line and sometimes we just get defeated by circumstances, however it is important to always get up again. In this episode thoughts on the matter will be shared, defining the marriage as a constant practice and learning experience. The sharing of strategies is aimed towards not only the relationship itself, but how to overcome the stigma and emotional pain of divorce. Let’s look at the means to study the problems of a marital relationship, to see what’s healthier for a relationship of this kind, and what its conjecture is composed of. To discuss all of this we have in this episode an interview with Brian Mayer, MSW. Brian Mayer, MSW is a Resident Therapist who specializes in working with couples on their relationships. He has completed the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 2, which is a therapy that is scientifically rooted in over 40 years of research. He also works with individuals who are experiencing work and relationship stress. Brian practices in the beautiful and historic city of Richmond, Virginia. He lives with his wife and two cats. They have a daughter currently in nursing school. He loves staying physically active with his wife by training for half marathons; they also love to travel. What you will learn in this episode: ·  Ways divorce might affect your life ·  How to deal with the grief of divorce · What members of the family are affected by divorce? · How to approach to your partner when you need to talk about marriage problems · The importance of not giving up on marriage and having perseverance ·  Problems of codependence in a relationship · Appropriate times to get divorce when you have children · Signs of an unhealthy relationship ·  Knowing when it’s the right time to try marriage again · Best types of help to get when going through divorce Resources: Brian Mayer’s practice website – ( The Remarried Life podcast – ( Connect with Dr. Carmen Roman: Website – Email her at Facebook Twitter YouTube WhatsApp: +1650 223 5980