Travel as a couple: Emotional Aspects

Learn some secrets to improve a couple travel experience with Dr. Dana Nelson. She is an American psychologist and psychotherapist (licensed in the state of Pennsylvania).

She is originally from Northern Virginia but now lives and practices in Lyon, France. She completed her master’s degree and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University, and worked for a few years in community mental health as well as university counseling center settings prior to moving to France in 2014. While in graduate school, Dana met her now-husband, a French international student working on his PhD in engineering at that time. Dana decided to embark on her first-ever experience of living abroad and moved to France to join him.

Dana has her private practice there, where she works with English-speaking expats, intercultural couples, international students, and others living abroad. Though now living in the same place, she and her husband still love to travel together!

Dana hosts a podcast called Mindful Expat, which focuses on issues of emotional wellbeing and resilience for expats, intercultural couples, and others living abroad. I highly recommend it!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What emotional skills become handy when we travel
  • What does mean getting out our comfort zone?
  • How do we learn about our partner with a trip?
  • How to deal with cultural differences during a trip?
  • What can we talk about with our partners during a trip?
  • What opportunities do you get when you travel with your partner?
  • What elements can you know about your partner in a trip that you cannot meet on a date?
  • How to handle emotions when making decisions as a couple
  • How can a trip change a relationship?
  • The bargaining power in a couple making a trip
  • What skills do you have to have an excellent trip?
  • How important is communication in a traveling couple?
  • Why is it so important to have empathy during the travel?
  • How can an emotional experience change a person?
  • The importance of sense of humor during travel
  • Non-verbal communication as a tool to have a better travel experience as a couple
  • The difference between new relationships with long-lasting relationships with respect to a journey
  • How does a trip affect relationships?
  • The importance of having fun with photographs after a trip
  • How does a journey strengthen the relationship?
  • The importance of escaping a weekend as a couple for your relationship
  • Differences between male and female sense of safety during a trip

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