Shamanism and Psychology: An interview to Dr. Carmen Roman

In this episode, Dr. Laura Reagan interviews Dr. Carmen Roman. She asked her about her training experiences. In addition, they discovered how these life-changing facts helped her to succeed in the psychology field. On the other hand, they talk about how creativity and spiritual experiences can be combined, all in this new way to treat people as individuals or as family groups. They talk about nonverbal therapy and its importance. On the other hand, they talk about how trauma shamanic experiences are related. They share experiences in sessions that will amaze you. This field is beyond science and other aspects. However, they talk about the scope of this therapy that can be applied to everyone. It is the spiritual connection of the soul with different sensations and fears and how these emotions can be treated with nonverbal therapies. You will see how a connection is established between aromatherapy and other fields related to a session of this nature. They discuss the connection that exists between the psychology and the spiritual field to treat psychological concerns. Finally, you will hear how Dr. Carmen has overcome many obstacles to practice psychology in the US and at the same time how the cultural differences between the Latin American culture in relation to the American culture have influenced the therapies to groups that have cultural and verbal differences . Dr. Carmen Roman is a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in USA. She has a Certification, MS, and PHD level in Creative Expression and Arts Therapy. MS in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in USA. MS in Gestalt Therapy from INTEGRO in Mexico and a Certification as Parent Educator from DIF in Mexico. What you will learn in this episode: – How transpersonal psychology works – The importance of non-verbal therapies – The connection between physical and non-material things in therapy – How emotions connect with people’s memories – Aromatherapy as a resource for the treatment of traumas – The relationship between psychology and the spiritual treatment for a general evaluation of patients. – The importance of earning the trust of the patient before giving him psychological treatment. Recommended books BLESS ME, ULTIMA by Rudolfo Anaya. Available at Connect with Dr. Carmen Roman: Website – Email her at Facebook Twitter YouTube Spotify Other recommended resources: Laura Reagan Podcast, visit