Hosting the Grinch in your heart

In this episode of Emotions in Harmony, Dr. Carmen Román expresses certain points of view about all those who, for different reasons, do not enjoy Christmas. The different motivations that may be affecting them are discussed at a psychological level.

Enjoy this episode and learn how to establish certain psychological boundaries so that the Grinch does not alter your environment or your emotional state. At the same time, you will reflect about how to recognize with your body and your heart more than the intellectual.

Similarly, Dr. Carmen Roman tell us about how to spiritually and mentally embrace the Grinch as we prepare to enjoy the holiday season.

Finally, they will have the secrets of how to feel better with yourself even in the presence of this type of people in your family nucleus and how to help other people to overcome this type of behavior for the enjoyment of this Holiday. We close this end of the season with this great chapter where Dr. Carmen Roman tells us about her experiences as a psychologist about the treatment of this type of people and how to establish borders with them mentally and in the same way, why this type of people expect you to do something for them.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to help and save yourself from the person near you who is not enjoying the holidays
  • How to identify them (Grinch)
  • How to identify the problems that they could bring you in your life
  • How to set clear up boundaries
  • How to be gracious about these boundaries
  • How to move on with your life
  • Why those Grinch spread madness and anger
  • Reasons you may consider while protecting your mental health
  • Feelings you may experience when trying to accommodate for a Grinch.
  • The value of being true to yourself and avoid the temptation of changing others.


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