Sexist Microaggressions that women face. A conversation with Dr. Natalie Jones

Sexist microaggressions are those acts of sexual nature that does not includes rape but are still not consented by one of the persons. This kind of behaviors are not easily noticed by other people but for the person that is experiencing this it could be as bad as a rape case.

This type of aggressions can happen to men or women equally and can affect the person terribly. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and the different social media more, people are encouraging themselves and others to talk about the microaggressions that they have suffered thru their lives in order alert and make people conscious about this hard topic. Join Dr. Carmen Roman and Dr Natalie Jones in this special episode about what exactly is a Sexist microaggression form a psychological point of view, how it can affect a person emotionally, and what we can do to help if we know someone who got through this experience.

Dr. Natalie Jones is a licensed professional counselor and a clinical forensic psychologist. She’s the host of the «A Date with Darkness» Podcast, she has worked in different areas of the mental health including substance abuse and the relationship sector.

What will you learn in this episode?

  • What is a sexist microagression?
  • Common emotional responses of a victim of sexist microagressions.
  • Emotional responses of a person who is in charge of the situation.
  • Changes that may occur in the family.
  • Common mistakes when trying to help.
  • Daily habits that helps with the emotional success.

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