Do you hurt or love yourself?

Do you love or hurt yourself?

Sometimes it’s harder to say «I love myself» than pointing to all the flaws we have and remind ourselves of how bad things are going. People who has suffered of trauma, bullying, harassment or social exclusion start creating negative thought and belief about themselves, distorting the real perception of their value and capacities.

These belief go hand in hand with negative attitudes such as self harassment or even self-injury.

This bad image of themselves and the negative attitudes can also lead the person to have all kind of problems at work, with their partner and on a daily life.

On this episode, Dr. Carmen Roman explains the attitudes and actions that will help you to have a better self-esteem, teaching us how to love ourselves in a more realistic and healthy way.

Dr. Carmen is a passionate clinical psychologist who is dedicated to help parents and community leaders who have suffered trauma, anxiety or stress so they can manage their emotions, guiding them to a harmonious life.

What you will learn in this episode

  • Do you really love yourself?
  • Which aspects of your life need a revision?
  • Attitudes that help your self-esteem
  • Why you should be Persistent and Consistent
  • Easy steps to love yourself more
  • News about the podcast

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