Psychological benefits of creating beauty around us

Have you ever thought about the effects of having a disorganized house? Or if the colors of your walls affect your capacity for relaxation and sleep? Having a house with disorganized rooms can cause some psychological nuisance, of them being stress.

Having an environment that is pleasant to look at and is nicely organized, brings calm and tranquility after a long day of work or studying, and it even brings much more benefits to our mind.

On this episode Dr. Carmen Roman will talk with Dr. Marie Fang about these benefits, explaining why it’s important to have our spaces decorated to our liking. Also, they will explain why having a disorganized house can affect us so much and why it’s important to have a healthy perspective of a beautiful environment.

Dr. Carmen Roman is a dedicated clinical psychologist who helps parents, families and community leaders who have suffered from trauma, anxiety or stress to manage their emotions, guiding them to a harmonious life.

Dr. Fang is a licensed psychologist in private practice, she works at Life Christian Counseling in San Jose – California. She specializes in all aspects of identity including transitioning to adulthood, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality. She also specializes in working with the unique anxieties that can arise working in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Marie enjoys cultivating the aesthetics of a space and sees the design, cleanliness, and decor of a space playing a key role in creating safety both in her office as well as her home.

On this episode you will learn:

  • How does an individual define the beauty of their environment?
  • Reasons to have an organized house
  • Reasons that cause a disorganized house
  • The healthy perspective on aesthetics
  • Colors that help your wellbeing


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