How to generate a feeling of gratitude?

Can you learn how to be grateful? The answer is yes, and it’s even easier than you think. Being grateful with what we have and for the people that surround us helps to our own happiness, being grateful is such a big feeling it can generate more positive emotions.

The feeling of gratefulness can come from different ways and even when it’s something easy to obtain, many people refuse it, only focusing on the bad side of things, creating stress and even depression.

In this episode Dr. Carmen Roman talks about all those little things in life that we often don’t notice but should be grateful for, she also explains what really is the feeling of gratitude and why it’s a must in our lives.

Dr. Carmen Roman is a dedicated clinical psychologist who helps parents, families and community leaders who have suffered from trauma, anxiety or stress to manage their emotions, guiding them to a harmonious life.

On this episode you will learn:

    • Can we learn how to be grateful?
    • How does the feeling of gratefulness affect our spiritual and emotional life?
    • Can we be grateful to those who are mean to us?
    • Is it gratefulness something that we can create?
    • How can I be grateful?

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