Identify your Anxiety and Learn What to do About it.

What happens when you have anxiety?

People who suffer from an anxiety disorder have intense worries and excessive fears on a daily basis, this affects the way they work, how they form new relationships and overall it makes their daily life.

Usually, the anxiety is created after being involved in a situation of major panic, leaving sequels in the body and mind of the person.

But there is not only one single type of anxiety, the world of psychology divides the types of anxiety according to their symptoms and each one of them has a different treatment. If you know what type of anxiety is invading your life, you have more opportunities to treat it in time and improve your life.

In today's episode, Dr. Carmen Román explains the different types of anxiety, phobias and ways to treat them. She will also give us some tips and daily habits to improve our life quality while step by step we eliminate that anxiety of our life.

Dr. Carmen Roman is a dedicated clinical psychologist who helps parents, families and community leaders who have suffered from trauma, anxiety or stress to manage their emotions, guiding them to a harmonious life.

With this episode you will learn:

  • Types of anxiety

  • What are the symptoms?

  • What happens when you don't treat your anxiety

  • The Treatment for Anxiety

  • Hormonal changes and their influence with Anxiety 

  • Alternative methods to make your psychotherapy appointments more effective.

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