Are You a Creative Immigrant?

What does «art» means to you? Maybe when you think about this word, the first thing that comes to you head is a great renaissance painting, or a big stone sculpture. Or you could be thinking about heavily seasoned food and knitting needles. And the truth is that either of those options are valid, we can express creatively when we produce new realities using the  sounds, materials and what we have around us.

Letting our creativity out can bring benefits to our emotional health, specially when we are in a new country and in need of detoxing all the stress from our body.

When we immigrate, we are obligated to learn and memorize a bunch of information in order to adapt to this new country and its people. This creates a lot of tension but surprisingly if you combine your culture and your creativity to create something new you can drain the stress to feel more at ease.

Today, Dr. Carmen will explain the importance of the arts in our lives and how it can help us to relieve stress and drain exhausting emotions. She will also share with us some examples of how different types of arts can be a part of immigrant lives and why they should they always add some creative activities to their daily life.

Dr. Carmen Roman is a dedicated clinical psychologist who helps parents, families and community leaders who have suffered from trauma, anxiety or stress to manage their emotions, guiding them to a harmonious life.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How does art helps in psychotherapy?
  • How does art helps us to live a better life as immigrants?
  • The art and the intention.
  • News about the podcast

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