Forgiving with Inner Wisdom

Have you ever found it difficult to forgive someone, or even yourself? Or, Have you forgiven without feeling that you were ready?

Forgiveness is a process we’ve all have gone through in life, it can take days, months or years.

This process of forgiving someone or forgiving yourself cannot be accelerated or forced, since it is an intimate process that the person must carry out alone, each person will know with time if they are prepared or not.

There are times when it’s possible to forgive even without being offered an apology, however, forgiving is not a synonymous for continuing to allow what led to this moment of anger, injury or disappointment.

It’s essential to know our own limits and express anger in a healthy and appropriate way, this way the person we’re with can understand the reality of the offense and what hurt us. Do not forget that forgiving is an act of love for yourself more than anything.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to forgive yourself
  • What is NOT forgiveness
  • Is there a correct way to forgive?
  • Do I have to accept this person again even after forgiving them? 

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