Home Shelter Week 1: Hopes and Fears

Being confined in our houses for our own safety is the best thing to do at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not scary. A lot of people are alarmed and thinking the worst about the situation, and that’s okay; having anxiety or fear can be okay sometimes. Although, we have to maintain a certain level of hope in our hearts, and know that together we can get through this.  

Today we dive into the deeps thought of Dr. Carmen after being home sheltered for a week due to the world health crisis. Giving us a look at what is happening from a psychological point of view, but also, from a hopeful point of view.

Dr. Carmen is a passionate clinical psychologist who is dedicated to helping parents, families, and community leaders who have suffered from trauma, anxiety, or stress to manage their emotions by guiding them to a harmonious life.

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