Understanding ours Fears

How does fear manifest in our bodies? And, what does it do to our minds?

When fear and anxiety attacks our body, we tend to act on instincts, sometimes creating more fear and hurting ourselves. But when we know how this feeling enters our body and what can it do to our mind and mental health, we can find healthy ways of fighting it.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen interviews Nicole Burgess (LMFT) who works with teenage girls and women in overcoming anxiety through creating a safe place for self-compassion, a heart-centered connection, and gaining self-confidence.

Dr. Carmen is a passionate clinical psychologist who is dedicated to helping parents, families, and community leaders who have suffered from trauma, anxiety, or stress to manage their emotions by guiding them to a harmonious life.

Connect with Nicole

Website https://nicolecburgess.com/

Launching your Daughter Podcast https://nicolecburgess.com/launchingyourdaughter/episodes/

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