Home Shelter Week 6: Learning to be Perseverant

Perseverance, patience, and creativity. Three words that we should keep in mind on this ‘stay home’ season that will help us get through it with a much more positive point of view.

As weeks keep passing by, our ‘new normal’ lifestyle settles between us, and we start discovering very interesting things. Like new hobbies, skills, and new ways to make things work.

These changes are making people think outside the box, helping them create new things not only for themselves but for the community as well.

In this episode, we concentrate on the changes that the world has made to accommodate our new lifestyle and make our stay at home way more bearable and comfortable.


What are we talking about?

  • Using the word ‘No’
  • Is it okay to start a business right now?
  • Why creativity is important these days
  • What is cognitive dissonance?

And much more!

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