Let’s End Systemic Racism

Having an ideology of superiority in relation to other people is humiliating and feeling it just because of being a different race or having a different skin color is even more outrageous. This time we will talk about a topic that many people thought only happened back in the time of slavery and that was overcome many years ago. But this is not the case, unfortunately, today our society still suffers from racism, and right now we are experiencing strong waves of protests due to a specific event that triggered everyone’s alarms, giving the spotlight to the accumulation of these acts that are usually hidden from the public light.

An act of racism is an act of violence and beyond generating pain, anger, and frustration, it transcends creating an intergenerational trauma where despite the fact that an ancestor was the one who suffered the original trauma, the new generations drag it with their genes, feeling less than the rest due to discrimination, prejudice, and marginalization.

The reflection that we can individually make is to question ourselves a little and think, «When and with whom have I been a racist?» Perhaps if the answer was with yourself, then the next step is to continue educating yourself to process this, either through therapy, meditation, artistic expressions, or some other healthy activity that helps you drain negative emotions.

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