Negotiating in the Midst of a Crisis. With Kwame Christian, Esq., M.A.

How can our negotiation skills help us survive a crisis?

Usually, when we are involved in a difficult situation we try to evade all kinds of things that may bring us more stress or sadness. This sometimes includes important conversations that could actually open a door to success for us.

Learning and practicing our negotiation skills can help us navigate not only through our professional careers but throughout our day to day life. And in times like this, this kind of skill comes in handy.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen interviews Kwame Christian, Esq., M.A. an attorney and mediator with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Public Policy, and a Juris Doctorate.

He is the Director of the American Negotiation Institute and has conducted workshops throughout North America and abroad about negotiation skills and more.

Kwame will tell us a little bit about how to use negotiation techniques in our daily lives to obtain positive results in those situations that tend to be scary for us, and much more!

What are you going to learn?

  • How can we negotiate through video-conferences?
  • Is there a step-by-step process we can use to negotiate in times of crisis?
  • Can we really start a business during this crisis?
  • Maintaining the value of your services while helping people during a crisis
  • How to face difficult situations with positivity
  • How to negotiate using compassion




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