US Immigration: What are the correct steps to follow?

For many years people have been moving around in search of a better job and economic opportunities, quality of life, or studies, in other cases they do it to escape problems, terrorism, and abuse. However, despite the years of this practice, the population continues to be uninformed about many aspects of the issue, leading them to make mistakes regarding the relevant formalities and procedures or simply resigning themselves to not take the step they want.

We want to dedicate this episode to immigrants, especially to our beautiful Latino community that seeks to improve itself day by day, since as it is a high-volume population that practices immigration frequently, many governments become saturated and it takes a lot of work to tend to all cases quickly.

Many people live under the shadow of being undocumented for many years for fear that by giving a minimal suspicion of being an immigrant, the authorities may look for them and deport them to their country of origin, but it is important that you know that consulting with professionals does not put you in danger. In fact, my recommendation is that you look for a professional immigration attorney to support you in your case because not all are the same and there are multiple conditions that enable or disable you to classify in different categories.

Surely now you have to ask yourself, How do I know which lawyer to hire?… To address some frequently asked questions, I bring you a wonderful interview with lawyer Kristin Boscia who at the beginning of her career dedicated her time to an organization that helps victims of violence, later she specialized in immigration issues and nowadays she works with immigration cases, so you can educate yourself a bit on the subject and be aware of how to prepare for the immigration process and what you should know about the lawyer before hiring one. Remember that one of the most important things is that the lawyer you choose supports you as long as necessary, even when the case is complicated.

Kristin Boscia is an Attorney at law who specializes in helping immigrant families.

After law school, Kristin worked at the Bay Area’s largest provider of civil legal services where she represented low-income immigrant survivors of domestic violence.

In 2012, Kristin opened her own practice and since then, she has been dedicated to helping clients identify their best option for remaining legally in the U.S. and helping bring other family members to live in the U.S.


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