Indecent Assault: Healing as a Family with Love and Respect

Do you know someone who suffered an indecent assault? Maybe a family member? Or even yourself?

In this episode we’re talking about the family perspective, how they react to such a sensitive topic and how they can heal and recover from an indecent assault as a family. 

Dr. Carmen Roman talks about this important topic and more with Dr. Lydiana Garcia. With such a sensitive topic, it is important to be careful about getting information from trusting sources, which is why these two experts are here today.

They offer simple definitions of the emotions the parents can feel, the reactions that other family members have and share some helpful tips that will help your family heal from this situation.

Dr. Lydiana is a very passionate psychologist from Puerto Rico who works with adults and families who struggles with their teenagers; she also provides help to the families that struggles with domestic violence and child abuse.

She has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico and offers psychological assessment.

What will you learn in this episode?

• Common emotional responses of the parents

• How family members react to this topic

• Changes in the family after an indecent assault case

• Common mistakes when the family tries to help the victim

• Daily habits that can help the family heal and recover

• Tips for the parents that are looking for support


• “When your child has been molested: A parents’ guide to healing and recovery” by Kathryn Brohl y Joyce Case Potter

• “Helping your child recover from indecent assault” by Caren Adams and Jennifer Fay

• “Finding sunshine after the storm” by Sharon A. McGee and Curtis Holmes

• “Trauma-proofing your kids” by Peter A. Levine y Maggie Kline

• The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

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