We Need your Help!



We have already graduated a cohort of 18 Spanish speaking people from 5 countries who received 33 hours of psychoeducational content. We named them “The hope fellowship,” and we are proud to say that so far none of them have contracted the COVID-19! Maybe because they are following safety guidelines or they are more assertive to offer and ask for social distancing. In general, they seem to have increased their resilience and are more willing to host difficult conversations with their loved ones. 

We thought we were done, but it is now when more Latino families are contracting COVID-19, more families are being left behind in medical and psychological services. The demand is increasing tremendously.

Now, we want to continue to provide these free sessions to our Latino community. And we need your financial support for this. Panic, Anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia levels are on the rise again with more cases than ever in our Latino community in all those countries.

With your help, more Spanish speaking and bilingual low-income immigrants who are in need and cannot afford proper care will receive psycho-education and services at a free or reduced cost. People with trauma, anxiety, depression, etc. will have access to services on campus (when permitted), and/or psychotherapy and psycho-education, or via telehealth on mobile devices.

Emotions in Harmony is a non-profit organization in San Jose, California that aims to eliminate mental health disparities experienced by bilingual and Hispanic immigrants by providing supportive and comprehensive psychological tools and services. This non-profit organization is a resource designed to empower and remedy the health inequities faced by these vulnerable populations.

Addressing these vulnerable populations has been possible through Emotions in Harmony’s practical and informative discussions of psychological issues through podcasts, live videos, and direct psychological services; additionally, we have been providing psychoeducational groups free of charge or for very low cost during COVID-19.

When given high-quality mental health services and information, people tend to commit fewer suicides, tolerate less abuse, and overcome their trauma to live more productive lives. However, many would never be able to pay for psychological treatment in the Bay Area. With your help, many families will find hope, harmony, and even happiness in particular in this crisis due to COVID-19.

We hope that you will join us to impart empowerment and personal growth to undocumented, low-income, and under-served Spanish speaking and bilingual families in order to spark harmony.   

Thank you for your consideration and help. For more information, please check Emotions in Harmony’s website: https://emotionsinharmony.org/