Home Shelter Week 20: Good lighting for Learning and Happiness

Now that we are spending way more time inside our home, the amount of - natural or artificial - lighting that we receive is a factor we should always have in mind; Inadequate lighting is commonly associated with depression, anxiety, and many mental health problems.

In these times of working and studying from home, paying enough attention to what our body needs is crucial for our mental and physical health. This is why in this episode, Dr. Carmen and her husband talk about the importance of receiving natural lighting every day while we are going through this "Stay at home" journey.

This week, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I pay attention to my body needs?
  2. Do I document myself in the appropriate sources?
  3. What small or big changes do I need to make around my home?

Write down your answers and stick to the solutions you should apply to better your daily life. This activity will help you bring more harmony into your life!

What are we talking about:

  • How to foster your happiness
  • Inadequate lighting and its consequences
  • Working from home
  • How does our 'working memory' works?
  • The circadian rhythm
  • What are the solutions?


  • Therapy boxes:




  • Smart lights:


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