Safe and Happy Immigrants

Some people think the concept of immigrants is this person who leaves their country and starts an adventure to improve their quality of life, but actually this definition applies even for people who move inside their own country because this represents a big change in their own adaptation process. 

Lots of people change their residence place because they hope that with this change the problems and worries are going to disappear, using this situation as an escape method, but sometimes is quite the opposite and instead of minimizing them, they multiply.

By doing a change like this, we have too much to learn about the culture of the new place and sometimes we ignore details that can put us in dangerous situations.

It does not matter if you move from your country because you want to experiment with new things, to change your lifestyle, or to follow a professional opportunity, you must adapt to this culture. 

In this episode, Dr. Carmen talks about the dangers and abuses immigrants could be exposed to when they are going through this process.

What you are going to learn?:

  • What is an immigrant?
  • Dangers of being a legal or illegal immigrant.
  • What is your immigrant age?

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