Home Shelter Week 22: Why you Should be Prepared for Every Situation

Have you been cautious enough these past months?

One of the many things that we've learned from this "stay home" journey is that we need to be prepared for all kinds of situations.

Although being home all day can be pretty safe, a lot of unplanned situations could take place at any moment; natural disasters, sickness, or family emergencies are things we should be prepared for in advance. 

Being prepared for circumstances like these will also help your mental health in case something happens, given that you will not add more stress to the situation with the panic of not knowing what to do.

In this episode, Dr.Carmen and her husband talk about the importance of being prepared for emergencies, especially during times like this. And they share with us a short and fun story of their own, where they had to evacuate their home for a few days.

What are we talking about:

  • Evacuating your own home
  • California fires
  • Preparing as a family for different situations
  • Managing your emotions when there’s an emergency
  • Survival kit

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