Childre’s dreams: A well of wisdom – with Dr. Cindy Sauln

This topic is very important to improve communication and the relationship with our children in general, because according to the results of Dr. Cindy Sauln’s research, there are many messages and messengers hidden in the dreams of children. In addition, this podcast talks about the connection between the emotional state of children in relation to the meaning of their dreams, having in this way a master class on the influence of dreams on our children, and how to treat them as parents.

That is not all, the specialist deals with issues related to nightmares and beautiful dreams that children have and how that affects them in life. If you are a parent interested in these types of topics, this podcast will give you the results of various researches about dreams in children and adults. In addition, it will explain to you how to approach your children and become that faithful partner with whom they can communicate. Finally, we give you recommendations in order to know how to communicate with your children and their dreams as well as web resources that can give you a better knowledge on this subject.

Dr. Cindy Sauln is a great clinical psychologist from Redwood City, California who helps children and parents to have better communication between them by the study of the meaning of dreams. She earned her doctorate from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She has made great research within this subject, discovering elemental things that will amaze you because the knowledge applies to every single family.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The fundamental principles of existential-humanistic therapy.
  • The meaning of statistics about the dreams studied by Dr. Sauln.
  • The connection between dreams and the divine.
  • The present elements in dreams that children project related to their desires and fears.
  • What are nightmares? How to treat them?
  • Differences between the interpretations of the dreams that the adults do with the ones that the children do.
  • Communication channels that children use to tell their dreams to somebody.
  • The protectionist response of parents that can demean the communication between them.
  • The importance of treating dreams with specialists.
  • Relationship between dreams and problematic situations in children.
  • The technique of changing the end of a nightmare for your children.
  • The importance of the development of inner wisdom in children.
  • Successful questions to ask children about their dreams.
  • The influence of electronic devices on children’s mental health.
  • The presence of the five senses in children’s dreams.
  • Yoga as a resource for treating dreams.
  • Why there are dreams that are recorded in the memory and others not?
  • The importance of not getting up just when awakening in relation to dreams.

Recommended books

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