Go Dark and Come Back


The episode you are about to listen to is a delicate one, and it could cause you feelings of sadness and uncomfortableness.

How vulnerable should we be with our own selves?

Being sad is okay sometimes, and acknowledging that you are sad is even better.

Even though sadness is the emotion that nobody wants to feel ever in their life, it is still an emotion, and we as humans have to go through and feel each emotion from time to time.

Feeling sad and crying from time to time is natural, and it can even be healthy. Yes, it can feel scary, and sometimes it might feel like the world as you know it is going to end, but when we actually sit down and acknowledge that we need to cry, the tears that will come out will help you relieves stress, releases toxins, and will have a self-soothing effect on you.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen will talk about how scary it can be to feel deep sadness, but also, she will tell us about how in her long path of professionalism, has seen people recover from it and enter a path of tranquility by taking their own hand and walking themselves to the other side of this big fence called sadness.

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