Does my Anxiety Affect my Children?

Are you scared you could transfer your anxiety to your children?

Anxiety is rarely a genetic disorder, however, kids can and will copy the behavior that their parents present around them.

There are countless ways for children to learn while they are growing, however, one of the ways that stand out in this topic the most is «modeling». Children always observe what their parents and the different adults in their families do and say, this includes the way they act towards certain people and situations, and later imitate what they observe.

If you suffer from anxiety yourself, there is a high chance your child will suffer from it too, this is because they will imitate the nervous or impulsive behavior that you show them

In this episode, Dr. Carmen interviews Elizabeth Cush, who will tell us about how your anxiety can be transferred to your children if you don’t take good enough measures to treat this disorder.

Elizabeth Cush (LCPC) is a licensed clinical professional counselor specialized in anxiety, a businesswoman, and the host of “Women Worriers”, a podcast dedicated to anxious women.

She has a private practice in Maryland called “Progression Counseling”, she has more than 10 years of helping women and men to alleviate anxiety.

What will you learn?

  • Will your anxiety transfer to your children?
  • In what ways our parenting methods impact children?
  • When is it a good time to talk about anxiety to your child?
  • How can we help our children if we notice they have symptoms of anxiety?




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