The Chilaquiles Adventure

What new experiences will we encounter in the new outside world?

This year has been filled with multiple situations that have changed the world as we used to know it, and going out to do simple things like taking a walk have now rules that we must follow for our safety.

The current global situation has had an effect on all of us; Just like the students of different levels, many businesses like restaurants and shops have had to adapt and completely rely on an online world, shipping their products directly to our homes.

But what should we expect when the moment of finally attending a restaurant personally comes? And which rules should we follow to maintain our safety?

In this episode, Dr. Carmen and her husband will talk about their first dining out experience in seven months, how the rules in restaurants changed to follow the social distancing rules, and which feelings rushed through them on this eventful day.


Questions of the week:

  • Do I pay attention to the privilege I have?
  • Do I have a spiritual practice that fosters faith?

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