Letting go and Recovering Your Power

Are you holding onto thoughts and past memories that are hurting you?

The more you keep reliving those bad memories in your head and thinking about all the stuff you could have done, the more your mental health will suffer and the more difficult your daily life with turn.

But how can we let go of those memories and thoughts?

In this episode, Dr. Carmen will help you understand how to let go of past experiences that you may carry with you. You will learn what it means to let go, how to recognize when you are not letting go, what are the consequences of not letting go, and how to help yourself let go. There is no need to carry difficult or negative past experiences or feelings constantly when you learn how to let go. You will find that by letting go you can move on and lay a healthy, wiser foundation in your life.


What will you learn in this episode:

  • What is letting go
  • What is not letting go
  • Signs you are not letting go
  • Consequences of not letting go
  • Emotional suffering that is different from common pain
  • Physical discomfort and holding your anger
  • How to help yourself let go
  • Find the good intention behind the behavior pattern
  • Work on yourself rather than blaming others

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