The Effects of Music on Our Body

Many people suffer from insomnia and/or difficulty sleeping, even more so when we can be subjected to stress, anxiety, or simply due to bad sleeping habits such as looking at the phone when we are already in bed or watching television until late at night. But surely at some point, we have all fallen asleep listening to some music in the background or we have witnessed how when humming a song to a child, they fall asleep almost immediately and this is due to the peace that our body perceives when it hears a melody.

Music has a therapeutic effect since it is capable of releasing chemicals in our brain that allow us to feel relaxed and happy. When we listen to music the nervous system is cleansed and the body relaxes, making us feel freer, for this reason, some disciplines are accompanied by music to help the body enter a state of calm, such as yoga and meditations, or even when we go to a gym we listen to more animated music so that our body understands in some way that it is time to activate and emit the energy that is necessary, that is why it has been shown that people who listen to soft and relaxing melodies before going to sleep can rest much better.

Music can be an important factor in the attitude of each person, depending on how we feel at a certain moment, we want to listen to a specific rhythm or even if we are not in the best mood we can resort to the music of our liking and raise our energies.

Due to the positive effect that music gives us, it is a highly recommended method when we suffer from insomnia to listen to a soft melody, since it allows us to enter a state of peace, putting aside worries and offering us a space to imagine pleasant thoughts and get to sleep.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen will be talking about relaxing music and the effect on people with Pablo Arellano, who is a composer and pianist who has participated in the direction of more than 8 films and in the production of more than 50 albums, Healing music creator and star of the Insight Timer platform.

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