How to say «No»

Have you ever been asked to do something you don’t want to, and yet you have accepted? Saying «No» to situations where you do not want to participate or don’t want to do is not a crime, sometimes it’s even a must for your health to refuse certain situations like helping and serving everyone but yourself. This simple word can help you to maintain control of your life and give you the opportunity to live a more relaxed life.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen Roman shares with us why forgetting about the guilt of denying taking part in some situations is good for us, teaching us different solutions that will help you say «No» just when you need it without doubting yourself.

Dr. Carmen Roman is a dedicated clinical psychologist who helps parents, families, and community leaders who have suffered from trauma, anxiety, or stress to managing their emotions, guiding them to a harmonious life.

What will you learn in this episode?

  • How to set healthy limits?
  • People with confusing limits and their features.
  • Examples and attitudes of people with confusing limits
  • Solutions that will help you say «No»

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