How to Talk About Sexuality to Your Children

When is a good time to talk to your children about sex? And what is the correct way to do it?

Talking to children about topics such as sexuality and body development can be difficult and sometimes, depending on the culture, it can even be a taboo conversation.

But, as difficult or uncomfortable as it may be, these conversations are vital to our children’s development and maturity.

Many parents try to avoid and delay this talk for as long as possible, however, children will come across these topics in conversations with their friends or on television, and there is a possibility that they will not turn directly to you to find the right answers to the questions that arise in their heads.

This is why it is important that, as parents, we learn the correct way to address these hard topics with our children when it’s needed, ensuring that the information they receive is correct.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen interviews Holly Osment, LMFT. Who will tell us how and when parents should start talking about sexuality and identity with their children, why it is needed, and the importance this information has in the lives of our children.

Holly Osment is a Sexuality Educator, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She received her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA and my Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University.

Holly currently has a private practice in the Silicon Valley area, in San Francisco. 

Since 2014, she has been teaching a graduate-level course on Human Sexuality and additionally, has been a clinical assistant since 2003 for the graduate-level hypnotherapy class at Santa Clara University.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why is it important to talk about sexuality with our children?
  • When you should talk to them
  • How to have “The talk”
  • How to talk about sex in a Non-shaming way
  • Consent and Body Parts names
  • When to start teaching about menstruation?
  • It’s never too late to talk about sex to your child
  • Sexuality and Religion


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