Is it Good to Have Curiosity?

People often associate curiosity as an undesirable trait, and when someone curious approaches us, we tend to avoid them. But is curiosity really a defect or a virtue?

Being curious means having the desire to explore and learn more about what surrounds us or to explore a specific topic; curiosity forms an important role in the learning period of an individual, whether, from childhood or adulthood, curiosity apart from being healthy, induces us to learn and to acquire knowledge that can be useful for our life.

But when does it stop being good and becomes a defect? It occurs when we use curiosity to inquire about things that do not add to us or that can lead us to not so positive consequences.

Being curious can be the spark of many good things since it generates positive ambitions, helps develop creativity, gives us multiple possibilities of solving a problem, protects our brain, increases happiness, accelerates learning, and motivates us to explore.

If you want to know more about this topic and how you can develop it to improve your life, join Dr. Carmen on today’s episode! where she will talk about curiosity and how you can positively apply it in your life.

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