Healthy Emotional Dependence

The fact that a person has emotional dependencies is a very detrimental factor for oneself since well-being, tranquility and happiness cease to depend on them, becoming dependent on another person, thus, placing an obstacle when expressing their feelings or wishes.

Emotional dependence is what happens when a person fosters a disproportionate affective bond that ends in addition to the other person, be it their partner, a relative, or even a friend. In some cases it is more difficult to get out of this situation since this dependence can be fed by the other person, making it a cycle.

We always hear that phrase «He’s my better half», claiming that one half is nothing without the other when the reality is not like that. Although it is true, in romantic relationships one person comes to complement the other; there should always be a balance and this does not mean that all the burden should fall on one of the two, each person has endless abilities, skills, knowledge, and even talents where they can surely fend for themself.

It is possible to be independent again and for this, you must know what the symptoms of emotional dependence are, what could have originated it, and finally apply the recommendations.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen talks about this important topic and shares some recommendations so that you can create a healthy relationship and prepare to add new people to your life in a healthy way and know which ones hurt you to separate from them.

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