Creating Your Own Meditation Space

We have recently gone through many changes at a global level and with those outside changes, we also did the same inside; with the new rhythm of life that we have been adapting, we have acquired endless skills, knowledge, and habits, we have even set our imagination to fly with creativity or we have taken an activity such as a sport or practices such as yoga and meditation. If you are one of those who have entered the world of meditation, you may have realized that it is an activity that reduces stress and increases the general well-being of our lives. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by different cultures, for different spiritual, religious, and healing purposes.

If you are a beginner in this practice and you feel a little lost about the space that you should practice in or how to do the meditation, or if, on the contrary, you have not started because you think that you do not have space or the resources indicated to start, do not worry!

In this episode, Dr. Carmen Román will give you a brief guide on how you can adapt your space to meditate in a simple way with what you have at home so that you don’t hesitate to start in the field of meditation.

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