Overcoming a Divorce

Going through the experience of a divorce without a doubt is a situation that no one wants to go through in their life regardless of the terms in which the relationship has ended. A divorce can be by mutual agreement or not, and it can even come as a surprise for one of the parties.

The breakdown of a marriage can become a difficult situation to face and accept due to many factors, one of these factors and perhaps the one with the greatest weight that people expose is the situation with their children, since it affects the family environment and in some cases, it can start a legal dispute for custody of minors. Others may be emotional, social, and economic stability with the division of material goods.Breaking a relationship that was expected to last forever is a painful experience where both parties go through a complex grieving process and many times it is necessary to go to therapy to overcome it. When going through this process, it is beneficial to keep in mind several points so that it does not become so uphill, such as remembering the good moments lived, thanking the goals that were achieved together, not looking for a «guilty one», no playing the victim, speaking neutrally with the children, and finally understanding that if there is no longer any affection from both parties or shared interests, that it is a new opportunity to be happy.In this episode, Dr. Carmen Román will be talking with Dr. Maritza Mikolich about her thesis on resilience in Latina women who are going through a divorce process. Connect with Dr. Maritza: https://www.drmikolich.com/ Learn Simple Steps to Manage your Anxiety!:


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