How to Save Your Relationship

How are you keeping the romance alive while staying at home?

The pandemic has made lots of things difficult, and one of those things is keeping a romantic relationship alive. When this situation started and everyone was excited to spend a few days inside their homes many couples were thrilled to have some time to themselves to reconnect and try new hobbies together, but now, as the situation has extended, and we’ve been at home for such a long time, things are starting to get boring and for some, difficult even.

But how can you keep that relationship up and running? This is the time to grow and overcome difficulties together, to show compassion and lovingly express your support to your partner when the situation gets too overwhelming, it is the time to know exactly when to be there for them and when you both should have some time for yourselves.

In this special episode, Dr. Carmen, and her husband Vince, talk about the small things and actions that can save your relationship when you need it the most, they talk about what science and Dr. Carmen’s experience with couples therapy say about the efforts each party has to put into the relationship and the steps they should follow to maintain a harmonious, happy and loving life.

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