Listening to your Intuition

Frequently we hear the phrase «listen to your intuition» but… do we really know the meaning of this word? Intuition refers to that ability with which we can reach correct conclusions from little information in a short time. They are those decisions that we take with the heart, not with judgment, that is why we also call it «hunch».

We could be applying our intuition in daily situations, and sometimes we do it unconsciously since intuition is based on previous knowledge that we obtained during different experiences lived, and our brain stores them to use it as future problem-solving skills. An example of this could be the day-to-day tasks of a mechanic, every time they check a vehicle they know what could be failing and discover solutions, storing that knowledge in their memory; after a few months, another vehicle may come with a similar breakdown and only by hearing the sounds the vehicle makes they take risks giving a diagnosis and a possible solution because their intuition tells them that the past case can be repeated.

Sometimes the absolute truth puts our intuition aside, but our intuition is a gift that we should always keep in mind and work on it, so if you want to know how to develop your intuition and listen to your inner voice, you cannot miss this episode of the Resilience series, where Dr. Carmen Román will be talking about this wonderful topic.

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