Can I Fall in Love Again?

Most people have suffered a romantic breakup at least once in their life, a part of these people can quickly recover from that situation, start another relationship again and do much better, but there is another part that finds it difficult to meet new people and get into a romantic relationship after suffering a heartbreak.

This happens because they are afraid of being hurt or betrayed again, and it is normal to feel fear since they have associated that falling in love can lead to suffering, and feeling fear makes our body stay alert to any activity that may unbalance our tranquility.

To overcome this and be able to allow yourself to build a new relationship, it is important to avoid regretting what happened and to pause and reflect on the extent to which we have been responsible for that breakup and in what we have contributed, even if it may sound very harsh. All this to improve the necessary aspects and thus obtain better results. If we do not do the personal work, we would fall into immature cycles in the next relationships or take an unconsciously repressed attitude, for example, thinking that if less effort is invested in a relationship, then we will be safe from the heartbreak.

In those moments you may not be comfortable with loneliness, but you won’t feel comfortable in a relationship either, remember that being alone is not bad, on the contrary, sometimes it is necessary and at the same time it is a strength to know how to live with yourself so that later you can be ready to share yourself.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen will be talking with Psychotherapist Rocío Gutiérrez, who will tell us about why it can be scary to fall in love again, why it is important to work on ourselves before starting a new relationship, the components of fear, and how to know how to choose the adequate person for you.

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