Living in The Present Moment

People tend to say that «to remember is to live», it is certainly very nice to think about those pleasant situations that we lived in our childhood or a few years ago, and it’s very common to sit with our friends and family to relive those precious moments. It is normal that we turn to the past to remember who we are and where we came from, however, thinking way too much about the past can prevent us from living in the present.

One of the factors to which we must pay attention is when our thinking resorts to the use of phrases such as «I should have done …».

To be able to live in the present we must know that not only does the past affect us, the future also pressures us to live at a different pace, our minds can go to thoughts such as «I have to pay the bills for next month», «What will my boss think of the project that I will present to him?», These thoughts add additional pressure to us that is sometimes not necessary and end up leading us to erroneous conclusions such as «I will be happy when I manage to retire from work», making these assumptions is a serious mistake because we condition our happiness to a single event that we’re not sure will happen. By thinking in this way we fail to realize that we spend years longing for something that we do not know if it will really give us happiness instead of enjoying the process until we reach the goal.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen talks about how we can keep our minds in the present, teaching us techniques that can help us concentrate on what’s happening now without the past or the future invading our present.

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