Being Flexible

Flexibility is a concept that is applied in various fields, although people tend to think about gymnasts or ballerinas when hearing this word, in the psychological field it’s oriented to the mental and cognitive part of a human being. It is very common to hear phrases like «you should be more flexible at times like these» but… what does it mean to be mentally flexible, and how can you achieve it?

Being a flexible person means having the ability to adapt in the best way to the various situations that we may go through, many times being flexible leads to other things such as having a good attitude and an open mind to accept, respect, and understand others views and opinions. Flexibility is a good ally since by allowing ourselves to listen to others with ideas other than our own we can acquire new learnings, and if we use flexibility as a tool, we can open our mind to a circumstance or problem and try endless options to solve it.

Inflexible people are characterized by resisting change, it takes them a lot of effort to get out of their idea or thought and a simple change of plans can be very uncomfortable, causing them annoyance and anger, they have a hard time listening to the options that other people can offer and prioritize their ideas as the only and best possible option, refusing to appreciate other points of view. These people can become very radical, so much to the point of thinking that those who are not in their favor are against them and not only this, but it is also an arduous task to forgive and accept their mistakes, which can lead to more complex internal situations such as feeling depressed because they do not feel understood and that others are against them.

Going from being an inflexible person to a flexible and understanding person is possible through practice and personal development techniques. Today, Dr. Carmen Román will be talking about how being flexible in life can bring new opportunities to your life.

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