Feeling Proud of your Achievements

Sometimes we come across situations in which we question the things we have achieved, for example when we go to a job interview, and they ask us questions such as «Tell me 5 positive things about yourself» or «Tell me about the great things you have achieved», that’s when we may notice that perhaps it can be easier for us to identify our defects than to identify our virtues or mention the achievements we have obtained in lives. And this is not necessarily because of a matter of sorrow or forgetfulness but because we usually don’t have in mind the meritorious things we have achieved, and sometimes we don’t even feel pride for the good things that we’ve done. Having our achievements in mind and feeling happy about them is key to maintain our self-esteem at a healthy level since those are a fundamental part of what defines us as a person.

Personal achievements can have different meanings for each person and do not necessarily have to be material, such as buying a house after a lot of effort or pay for your children’s university, apart from these very pleasant things, an achievement can also be something intangible to the sense of touch but very real in our change and internal satisfaction, and perhaps we can think that it is something small, but it fills our soul. An example of this could be when we tried for years to make our grandmother’s recipe, and we could not get it to turn out the same but with many attempts, practice, and learning from mistakes, we finally get it, it seems something simple but without a doubt, it is an act that fills us with great pride once achieved.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen talks about how important it is to feel proud of your own accomplishments, and how recognizing even the smallest ones can be of great benefit to your mental health.

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