How to Feel Capable

Often we find ourselves in situations where we want to do things or make decisions, but we run into uncertainty and fear of taking action and not taking action. This has to do with the lack of self-confidence we have, where sometimes an external motivation is required to achieve what we want.

Confidence in ourselves makes us feel like we are capable of achieving whatever we set our mind to. To be able to feel capable of doing something is a thing that develops from our childhood to adulthood. When we set a goal and go after it, we gain confidence and believe in ourselves until we reach the point where we do not doubt it and simply carry out the plans.

But… What happens when we do not feel capable of achieving what we set out to do? We don’t take action due to a self-perception issue, we unconsciously think that we are going to fail, and in a series of negative thoughts that perhaps many times are also fed by other people until finally, we program ourselves to think that we really cannot carry out a certain activity.

If sometimes you feel like you are not capable of achieving your goals, and you want to learn and develop skills and generate self-confidence to improve your life, then this episode is for you!

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