How to be Your Own Best Friend

The phrase «to love someone else, you must first love yourself» is a very popular and truthful one. Love and friendship are very important factors for human beings, sometimes feeling part of something becomes an instinct, and we are looking for communities with which to identify ourselves or people who share our own interests so we can finally, develop a friendship or even a romance. However, it is also true that a vast majority of people have experienced disappointments regarding friendships and from then on they are afraid of making new friends.

However, despite the circumstances and people around us, you should know that there will always be a friendship that is for life and that is willing to not fail you, that friendship is the one we have with ourselves. We always try to be good friends with each other, but how good are you to yourself?

A friend is there to celebrate your triumphs, but at the same time to support and advise you in failures, the fact that you can count on your own friendship allows you to be understanding with yourself, it allows us to give ourselves the space to be with our own ourselves and be reflective about our actions. When we work on our own friendship we can acquire self-confidence and start feeling proud of ourselves, knowing that we are capable of achieving whatever we put our mind into.

By doing our internal work, creating a healthy relationship, and enjoy our own company, we are working on getting the best version of ourselves, which will lead to many positive things for us.

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