Building my Self-Confidence

When we are born, we come with very little information and essential skills to overcome the first stage of our lives, however, with time we start developing new skills and acquire new capabilities. Like responsibility, discipline, respect, and even self-confidence; without realizing it, we learn multiple things since we are children, an example is when we start riding a bicycle, we start with the training wheels, then when we gain confidence we take away one little wheel to gain balance until we end up removing both, and we start with the practice of trial and error, falling and getting up again and again with the perception of the self-confidence that we place in ourselves that we can achieve it until we finally achieve our goal.

When we were little, even if no one had mentioned the word self-confidence to us, we were going to work on it because it is a normal instinct, as we saw in the previous example. Not believing in ourselves will lead us to a demotivating and anxiety-filled life, one that can take our biggest dreams and goals from us.

One way to visualize it would be to imagine a balance and place at one of its extremes all those opportunities and moments that we have forbidden ourselves from living due to the insecurity we feel and the fear of facing a new experience. The reality of life is that it constantly puts us to the test, day after day situations are always presented to us where we are forced to face it and that is when the self-confidence that we have should come out.

There may be several reasons why we may feel insecure about ourselves, but you should know that there are also many benefits that we can obtain if we regain confidence, so if you want to know how and why to recover and maintain your self-confidence, you cannot miss this episode!

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