How to Overcome Difficulties

Life has many ups and downs, and we all have to go through them. Difficult situations are one of those things that sometimes we can’t avoid, a situation in which we feel that we have lost our way, and we have a perception in which we believe that we are «victims of the circumstances ”. These events can be as inevitable as the loss of a loved one or a pet, difficult financial times, a love breakup, and even the loss of a job or the disapproval of a school subject.

When we go through these situations, it is normal to want to throw everything down the drain and think things like “I have come this far, but I can’t take it anymore”, to have feelings of sadness and frustration mixed with the stress that they can generate and can even paralyze us, minimizing our capacity for action. However, at these times is when it is essential to apply all our resilience and put into practice all the tools that we have acquired up to that moment to face these difficulties.

While it is true that when we go through these hard situations we think that life is against us and that there is nothing left to do, we have to remember that life is about living experiences and learning from them, showing what we’re made of and keep pushing forward as many times as necessary.

In these cases, instead of victimizing ourselves, we should encourage ourselves with the conviction that we are going to overcome the inconveniences that arise, it is always good to bring to mind positive thoughts such as “if this situation comes to my life, it is because I can handle it.”, that way we can minimize the problem and increase optimism, until finally when the storm is gone we realize that we are stronger and better than before, everything happens for a reason, and we must learn from it.

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