Laughter as a Healing Method

How important can a laugh be? There are many factors that we must take into consideration when taking care of our mental and emotional health, such as following a balanced diet, having a morning routine, physical activity, etc. However, occasionally, we talk about an important natural factor that can help us regulate our mood, and that is our laughter.

Surely you have already heard of «Laughter therapy». To back up this therapy, there have been several studies done, and it has been determined that laughter is a healing gift for human beings, this is why we also encounter many programs where a group of people goes to hospitals dressed as clowns or movie characters to make children smile and lift their spirits.

Usually, we all know a person with a different vibe that is always laughing, transmits their joy to everyone around them and that just their presence lifts everyone’s mood. Now, I want you to think of that person whom you know and try to count the times this person has been sick this you’ve met them… this person probably tends to get less sick than the rest, and this is due to what is called the mind-body connection. Laughter also has its chemical reactions in our brain which help the organs of the body such as the heart, to strengthen the immune system and other benefits on an emotional level such as pain management and stress reduction.

It may sound a bit illogical, but during difficult moments in our lives, something as simple as laughing can be very helpful and the spark that ignites the attitude to stop thinking about the problem and focus on the solutions.

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