Bring out Your Best Creative Self!

Every day we are presented with various situations to which we must look for different ways to deal with them. Day after day we see new products come onto the market, thousands of digital applications and innovative things that we probably didn’t even imagine could be sold, with which we are increasingly being required as a society to do new things to stand out from the crowd, but a problem that we all experience at any time and aspect of our life is the frustration of being able to create, imagine or be inspired by something to be able to materialize all the talent we have in a specific job or project.

Many industries are automated and more and more human resources are less required, so the few vacancies are more fought among the most qualified people for that work. However, there is a very important factor that has not yet been able to be represented by a machine, and that is the virtue of creativity.

If we are talking about a design, marketing, or similar job profile, the applicant’s adaptive creativity is one of the most important things when choosing the position. If we talk about other professional careers, perhaps it is not the most relevant, but the inventiveness to solve situations using their creativity is well taken into account.

But creativity is not only used in the work area, but it is also applied in any aspect of our life, and it is very useful for us to solve situations in different ways, and even with small things that can make a difference, an example of this is when a mother looks for ways to prepare the most provocative food when her son does not like vegetables or when a person surprises his partner with some different detail.

Creativity is our friend, so it is essential that we work on it and develop it. Join Dr. Carmen in this episode to boost your creativity with these 10 habits that you can implement in your life to stay inspired and find your muse.

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