When is the right time to go to couples therapy?

Going to couples therapy can sound scary and even dramatic or over the top for some couples, but the reality is that seeking help from a professional when experiencing a bump in the relationship – even when it might seem like a small one – is a healthy and responsible way of coping with the situation.

When undergoing therapy as a couple, the therapist will focus on the couple’s needs as a team, helping them to develop better conversational and problem-solving skills, this helps them to better understand what troubles each other, and to create a solution or plan to alleviate the situation, thus helping them to reach their goals as a couple.

A common misconception about couple therapy is believing that this treatment only applies to married couples and that you only need to seek therapy when the relationship is falling apart. Couples therapy can be perfectly fitting for any stage of a relationship, and it’s not a must to have a problem to start the process, this type of treatment can also help with planning for the overall future as a couple.

In this episode, Dr. Carmen talks about when is the right time to go to couples therapy, how long the treatment should last and how to choose the right therapist for you. Join us in this insightful episode!


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