Spotting Burnout

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Have you been feeling unmotivated, without energy, or unhappy with your work or personal goals?

These symptoms, although commonly linked to laziness or neglect of responsibilities, could actually mean that you are heading to burnout.

This syndrome can manifest after excessive and prolonged stressful situations, and it can make you feel drained (Both emotionally and physically) and unable to cope with the constant demands of life.

And although it is believed to be experienced only by people that work in a high-achieving environment, anyone that is going through a highly stressful situation for a long period can develop symptoms of burnout. This means that mothers, fathers, or even adolescents can suffer from this syndrome without having to go over hours of what is socially accepted as «professional work».

Even though many situations in life will inevitably bring stress, there are some ways in which we can avoid ending up with a bad case of burnout or some other illness caused by being heavily stressed. In this episode, Dr. Carmen talks about what is burnout syndrome, what are its symptoms and how can we avoid it or recover from it.